Boys Gift Ideas

We welcome gifts for all kids ages 0-18 years old, but have the biggest need for gifts for older teens. Gifts should be approximately $30, but may be paired with other gifts so all have a similar value. Please stay away from things such as games for specific gaming systems (ex. Xbox games), clothing, food/candy, guns, and other violent types of toys.

Age 1 and under ideas: books, teething toys, rattle-type toys, lights and sounds toys/dolls

Age 2-4: light up toys or toys that make noise, books, household play items, simple/ wooden puzzles, blocks, simple building toys, action figure, balls, pop it toys, activity tunnel, toy car set, sensory bins

Age 5-7: books, walkie talkies, building kits, science project kits, play tool set, stomp rocket, snap circuits, picasso tiles, kinetic/cra-z sand projects

Age 8-10: books, legos, science kits, building kit, slime, board games

Age 11-14: books, lego sets, art case, science kits, building kits, board games, magic kit, Pokémon cards/game

Age 15-18: books, a cool waterbottle, board games, puzzle book, brainteasers

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